Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wait a minute...these aren't matching dudes

1) These dudes aren't matching
2) But they are partying with the Big East Coach of the Year.
3) That is awesome.

Why are they not matching you ask? First, they aren't lame. Second, its impossible to match a guy who only wears turtlenecks.

Why does he wear a turtleneck? It's obvious. He doesn't want to be matched and is therefore the man. Nobody is sleazy enough/non-fashionable enough/50's enough/anti-matching dude enough to wear turtlenecks on a daily basis.

Since March Matching Dude Madness kicks off tomorrow, we honor all those matching dudes that will be raining 3's and grinding it out in the low post. Here at matchingdudes, we'll be pulling for the Irish matching dudes.

(Jack Cooley - favorite player and projected tournament MVP)

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