Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Matchingdudes.com celebrates International Women's Day

Today is International Women's Day.  I'm not sure exactly what takes place on this holiday, but I would imagine that women celebrate their womanhood.  Women are great-they look pretty, they smell nice...wait, I think this post is turning towards objectification, which is not the goal of IWD.  So, in the spirit of the day, to honor empowered and independent women all across the globe, check out these matching women attired in very not provocative outfits:
Australian Emergency Service Volunteers at IWD Event

 Learn more about IWD event after the jump.

Unfortunately, not all nations respect women's rights or IWD.  Note the two matching pairs in the picture below, then, if you have some spare time, read this article about egregious violations of the right to organize and basic human decency.

On a happier note, let's take a minute to appreciate the beauty of the female form wrapped in matching lingerie combos.  Feel free to ogle them, Karissa and Kristina Shannon are professional underwear models and former live-in girlfriends of Hugh Hefner.  Getting objectified is pretty much part of the job description.
Despite its merits, the festival leaves many unanswered questions.  Is it truly international?  Does Saudi Arabia let women lose the burqas for 24 hours?  Do girls participate, or do they have their own day?  What about people with two X chromosomes and one Y?  Are men allowed to celebrate International Women's Day?  I think we should be; I love women.  If you are a lady and would like to help me salute the fairer sex on IWD's centennial, you know what to do.  (Email me).

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