Q: What is a matching dude?
A: A matching dude cannot exist without at least one corresponding matching dude, because the term "matching" inherently requires a counterpart.  That being said, matching dudes are two dudes who, usually by accident, find themselves wearing the same or very similar outfits in a social setting.  This coincidence can be very embarrassing.

Q: Why do dudes hate matching so much?
A: Unintentionally matching another dude is simply a fashion faux pas and indicates a lack of originality.  Ladies, think about the panic that ensued when two girls got the same dress for Homecoming.  I'm not sure, maybe chicks think its adorable to throw on the exact same Forever 21 top as their besties before hitting up their favorite dive bar, but dudes do not like to match in everyday life.  It may stem from negative experiences during the formative years in school uniforms or be because matching someone else blatantly violates your mother's claim that you are special and unique, but no dudes want to walk into a party and hear someone yell, "Look at these matching dudes!"

Q: Now that this site exists, are matching dudes socially acceptable?
A: No.  The main purpose of matchingdudes.com is to poke fun at dudes for something completely out of their control.  We do not mean to start a popular matching movement.  Unless you're throwing a matching dudes theme party.  Those would be pretty cool, and I've heard rumors of at least two already in the works.

Q: What's your favorite kind of cheese?
A: I've been eating a lot of pepper jack lately, but I can always appreciate some good old-fashioned American melted onto my eggs or burger.

Q: How can I submit a picture of some funny matching dudes?
A: You can send submissions to matchingdudes@gmail.com or imamatchadude@gmail.com.  We cannot guarantee that we will post your pic.  As we support good, clean humor here at the site, we ask that your matching dudes photos do not include any content you would not want a potential employer to see.

Q: I'm a girl.  Should I send in pictures of my friends and me matching each other?
A: Technically, girls cannot be matching dudes, because they're not dudes, but if you have a really stellar shot of a chance matching, we may consider posting it.  Especially if there is some eye appeal involved.  However, we have had problems with female (and male) readers sending in pictures that do not involve actual matching.  We apologize, but even if you and Tiff looked super cute on Thursday night while both wearing long-sleeved tees, you need to be matching to get on the site. 

Q: My boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse/escort and I like to wear matching outfits when we go out.  Do you want pictures?
A: We do not support the inducing of vomiting in the masses.  First of all, that's an intentional match, and thus ineligible.  Second, that's just weird.  If you need to show each other how much you're in like, why not just go the conventional route by getting flowers or having a child together?  Healthy relationships should also maintain some individuality.

Q: Ever since you created this site, I've been having nightmares about matching dudes.  They chase me through my dreams, and they all match!
A: Though they are fairly fashion-illiterate, matching dudes are largely harmless.  You should not fear them.  Unless they are members of a paramilitary organization with which you have a beef.  In that case, we recommend protective custody. 

Q: I am a member of a sports team/club/military unit/corporation/political party, and they make me wear a uniform.  Should I quit?
 A: No.  We advocate civic participation here at matchingdudes.com, and quitting your job is always a bad idea if you don't have another lined up or a trust fund.

Q: Do you want to go on a date with me?
A: Probably not, but if you email us a photo, one of us will make a superficial decision based solely on your looks about meeting you in person.  Just in case, consider sending us a picture of you and another girl matching each other.  That way, even if neither of us finds you alluring, we might still post the picture.  You won't find love, but you will get fame, and I've heard fame is even better than love.  Just ask Charlie Sheen.