Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mardi Gras and Carnaval: parardes bring out the matching dude in all of us

Earlier today, we celebrated International Women's Day.  That kind of holiday is all well and good for the nine-to-five business crowd, and we applaud the advancement of women.  The Dove marketing campaign about how you can be sexy even if your face looks like the aftermath of a fight with a windmill sounds nice, but the true beauties of this world also deserve some recognition.  Because IWD coincides with Fat Tuesday this year, fine honeys from all over are flocking to New Orleans, Rio, and, what do you know, St. Louis, and matching dudes are on the prowl to see some boobies.  So, with nighttime ushering in unthinkable levels of debauchery, let's look at some matching dudes who showed up to Mardi Gras:

These fleur-de-lis dudes bond over the color purple

There used to be a line separating matching dudes and matching girls.  It is now blurred.

See more of the disgusting filth that Lent forces on us, after the jump.

Here's why children are afraid of clowns.
I'm thoroughly disgusted that NOLA allowed these matching dudes to participate in the festivities.
 The one on the right?  I agree.

Cops probably don't have jurisdiction anywhere on Mardi Gras.  Do you think he stole that bunny from a kid or a pedophile? 

 This year's Queen of Mardi Gras.  How?
We apologize to Brazil for exporting this matching couple.

I know.  I would too.

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