Monday, February 28, 2011

Hang ten with these matching dudes

Check out these airheads. Maybe after some fish tacos they'll take a break from ollieing and hit some 10 foot swells. Good luck catching the beach bunnies in those outfits, matching dudes.

New feature

We've added something new to the site: after any post, you can click a button to tell us your reaction. Similar to liking something on Facebook, only you're saying whether you consider the picture "nice," "embarrassing," or not matching, and we're not as smart as Mark Zuckerberg. Although "The Matching Dude" would make a killer sequel to "The Social Network." So, check the bottom of every post and give the unfortunate matching dudes your feedback.

Matching dudes, and ghost, surround unsuspecting victim

Still no word on why the ghost has swim goggles, or where Teddy Westside is looking. Maybe it's into the future.

Top of the Morning from some Matching Dudes

These dudes were already nervous being transplanted into an unfamiliar culture, then they realized they were wearing the same shirt. No wonder they're standing so far apart!

Matching dudes engage in deep conversation

Whispering matching dudes. Need I say more? Bold move sitting next to each other fellas, props to the viewer who snagged this gem.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Matching Dudes Theme Parties

Folks, we've added a new feature to the page: an ongoing photo album of pictures from matching dudes-themed parties. We'll still post the really cool shots on the home page, but this way we can avoid cluttering it while still paying tribute to everyone who comes out to support matching dudes. You can click on the "Theme Parties" tab, or view it here. If you and your friends host a matching dudes party, send us pictures and we'll do our best to add them all in some capacity. Email us at or

Matching dudes take over the social scene

Here's a sampling of pics from last night. Check out the whole collection here. If you have anything to add to the collection, make sure to send us an email.
Sick flow, mid-calves and lax pinnies elevate these dudes to Matching Bro status

What's wrong with this picture?
1) They're matching
2) They appear to be "bumping and grinding"
3) This is too much for my liking

These matching Asians have pretty sweet suspenders, but isn't one of them a chick?

Matching dudes go to the opera

This could be a matching trio if the Nutcracker wasn't wearing that damn hat. Care for some tea and crumpets, matching dudes?

Take a peek at these 3 matching dudes watching a ball game

I could smell these matching dudes from a mile away

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Site's up and running

Earlier this week, we upgraded from Blogspot to our own domain name, and the transition process is over. should now work for everyone. Enjoy!

Matching dudes make it big on youtube

First of all, if you don't find this video funny, you suck. Second, pay close attention to 1:21. 2 little matching dudes take a spill simultaneously on ice is an exception

1) Not a dude
2) Not matching
But, this girl is wearing a shirt with a cheeseburger on it. That's awesome. Props to girls wearing shirts with cheeseburgers on them.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Like us on Facebook!

We now have a Facebook page. It's pretty bare bones, but still a great way to show your support. Check it out here.

Do these look like matching dudes to you?

Last night I received a late night text from a friend titled "matching dudes!" with this picture attached:
I thought, "These coats look similar, but hold on a minute. Dudes don't wear long North Faces." I realized the coats were hiding girls, who might not be matching at all. Many jealous females have been trying to make it onto the site by sending in pictures that feature questionable matching, and do not involve dudes. Sorry ladies, we appreciate your efforts and enthusiasm, but you just aren't dudes. We might make an exception for bikini pics from spring break, but until then, we need to see some exquisite matching to violate the "dude" part of matching dudes.

Matching dudes remember Major League Baseball's first African-American player

In honor of Black History Month, check out this pic of Jackie Robinson matching his Dodgers teammates.

Matching dudes support a cause

Yesterday was, supposedly, the "Teal Out Thursday" portion of Sexual Assault Awareness Week at Notre Dame, and everyone was supposed to wear teal shirts. I was handed a free one during a shift at my prestigious job scooping french fries at BK, and given the recent extracurricular adventures of my two favorite football teams, I figured it was time to take a stand. Plus, although most of the matching people would probably be girls, I still might get some bonus pics for the site. Oddly enough, I didn't see a single person wearing the tee until about 4:30. Granted, almost everyone I saw yesterday was wearing a coat, but I thought they'd at least get a little support. Finally, I rolled into Reckers around 1:00 am and found some people in teal. The female employees were not impressed that I had the same shirt as them, but this dude agreed to strike a pose.

I have no idea who he is, but anyone who's against sexual assault and for matching dudes is a friend of mine.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Time to crunch some numbers

According to survey responses, random chance is the most embarrassing way to match. Also, the most oppressed group is the little matching dudes.

Check out this soon to be married matching dude

Look at this matching dude on the left. Sheesh. I think it is safe to say he covered the majority of bad trends that are prevalent in today's society.
(in increasing order)
1) scratching the beard pose.
2) popped collar.
3) shutter shades.
4) matching another dude.

Matching dudes to grocery stores?

Here at matching dudes, we are trying to expand to many markets. Specifically, supermarkets. We are developing a tasty food product that will sweep across the nation. What is it you ask?

Lady Gaga Fruit snacks.

Here's a shout out to some sweaty Brown matching dudes

What is the matching dude on the left looking at?

Trust funds are not enough for these matching prep school dudes

When you all live together in a giant mansion, it's only logical to wear the same stuff

These guys make a fresh crop o' matching dudes

Unplanned matching dudes. How embarrassing...when will they learn?

These two competing clusters of matching dudes run to see who has the most guts

I wonder how many matching dudes got trampled after this picture. Recognize, on the far left, a friend who had a much smaller butt at the time

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The twelve disciples were probably matching more than these dudes

Patriotism and piety, a great combo. Just like matching dudes.

Can you believe these matching dudes got to meet the President?

Notice that the leader of the Free World is decidedly not a matching dude, but has instead chosen the matching couple route.

Willy Wonka loves these matching Oompa Loompa dudes

It just doesn't hit you the first time you enter the chocolate factory that all of the Oompa Loompas are matching dudes

Pink tubes suit these matching dudes

looks like these matching dudes are all set for a day of fun in the sun

Take a good laugh at these matching dudes

I'm at a loss for words for these matching dudes.

Check out these little matching dudes on a saturday afternoon

I'd like to pay respect to little matching dudes, probably the coolest matching dudes. Why? Because they have no choice. Their parents make them match because they think it's "cute." They are forced to be matching dudes. But, in this particular case, they are probably stoked to be matching dudes because little kids love wearing jerseys.

I couldn't help but notice that in the top row, second from the left, this little dude doesn't match his counterparts (because of his red hair). Poor guy.

What? This post doesn't have any matching dudes in it

While I currently don't have time to throw up our latest matching dudes, I did just have a revelation in class today: dudes running in suits. Keep your eyes open for

Say hej to these Swedish matching dudes

They say fame has its drawbacks, but I bet these footballer dudes enjoyed all the free Ikea.

Why is one of these matching dudes not matching?

The Chinese military is on the rise, and yes, that is our friend taunting them.

Hey! These matching dudes aren't even athletes

But, ladies, they do wear matching and slightly ironic tees

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

These matching dudes are making waves in the Middle East

We could all learn a lesson from this Bahraini
lady about standing up to the matching dudes

WARNING: If you don't match these dudes
in Tunisia, they will throw you on the ground

Whose side are the matching dudes on in Egypt? It's getting hard to tell.

Oh no... not these matching dudes!

I take that back, the South Bend Police might be the least favorable matching dudes here at Notre Dame. They really don't like us. Even in the midst of getting busted, it is pretty hard not to notice that they are matching dudes.

Check out these NASCAR matching dudes (the worst kind of matching dudes)

Of all things that suck, the only thing that sucks more than matching dudes is NASCAR. And here we have it, matching NASCAR dudes. Woof.

How come all these matching dudes don't have hats?

It seems to be that matching dudes have been around for quite sometime

Consider these matching bow tie dudes

looks like matching dude on the left spent too much time in the sun

Take a gaze at these matching prom dudes

I'm not sure if i like how many matching dudes are in this picture.

Look at all these matching graduation dudes!

Looks like these matching dudes forgot to open their eyes

Feast your eyes on these matching dudes

This dude in the middle obviously didn't receive the memo. Props to the other matching dudes

These matching dudes are running for office

If you live in Keough, which you probably do since you read this site, vote for these matching dudes. I'm still waiting for a submission from "The Opponents"

Carmelo's matching these new dudes now

I bet Denver fans are mad that Carmelo wanted to match these dudes

Wait a minute...these aren't matching dudes

Here is a pic sent in by one of our viewers.
1) Not dudes
2) Not really matching
Therefore, not matching dudes. Nice try.

Look at these freshly spotted matching dudes

I was on my way to lunch when I spotted these matching dudes. Thanks SDH

Check out these matching founding father dudes

It's a day late for President's Day, but in honor of Washington's real birthday, here's some original matching dudes

Yikes! Get these matching dudes some matching shirts!

Nothing better to represent the USA than matching dudes.

Check out these fratty matching dudes

These matching dudes are a little too close for my liking

Gander at these matching dudes

There seems to be a general trend of matching dudes around the holidays

Inspect these matching dudes

Matching dudes, up close and personal.

Take a glimpse at these matching dudes

Matching dudes in the kitchen. Need I say more?