About Us

Nick and Jack conceived the idea for matchingdudes.com in the summer of 2010 when they first discovered the matching dudes phenomenon.  During a raucous DC Fourth of July weekend filled with salutes and hot dogs, they noticed something troubling: many of the dudes on the street matched each other.  The pair proceeded to yell "MATCHING DUDES!" every time a group of matching dudes passed.  It got so bad that they were berating cops with this phrase at McDonalds at 8 in the morning because the officers were wearing matching uniforms.  This action did not make them popular with law enforcement, but it did make the cute girl working the cash register giggle.  Jack and Nick are currently "students" and pals at the University of Notre Dame.  They have matched once.

Bum Fluff is a newer addition to our staff.  In daily life, he goes by the name Tim, but he based his pseudonym on a phrase used by a British woman to insult his friend's mustache.  In his spare time, he is growing a mustache as well.