Saturday, April 30, 2011

Oppression of little matching dudes crosses international boundaries

Of course soccer moms embarrass their kids by making them match, but you'd think the Royal Family would have some more sensible wardrobe staff.  At least England has learned the lesson of marrying commoners now.  The incestuous efforts to keep royal weddings among royals only made Europe a really freaky place in centuries past.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Hipsters Strike Back

What a loser. What is in his cup? PBR obviously.

If only I had one of these:

(hipster trap)

Question time!

What do you think these two hipsters did before they arrived to the party?
1) Went to a Death Cab for Cutie concert
2) Smoked cigs
3) Talked about emotions
4) Went shopping at The Limited for women's jeans
5) All of the above

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Matching t-shirt themes: bearable
Matching boxers: implies a few things
Matching for your country: permitted

Friends Don't Let Friends Drink and Drive

One of our followers recently sent me this picture. I know these dudes aren't matching, but they are holding up a friends sign, which is arguably more humiliating than a head-to-toe match. Who in their right mind would smile for this picture? We'll give them benefit of the doubt and assume these dudes were in an altered state of mind. Let's hope none of them drove to Mickey D's shortly thereafter.

More matching dudes in black tees

Remember the black tee matching dudes?  They're back.  Different dudes, same shirts, plus one dirty mustache.  Not dirty as in cool, dirty as in filthy and disgusting.  Gross.  Hearken back to the days when our moustachioed friend was caught in another matching dudes scandal, also involving upper lip facial hair.  He must have been jealous of his wingman's fake 'stache and tried to step up to the plate.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Double dating

There are many times when you don't want to be caught wearing the same shirt as your bro, and a double date is definitely one of those times.  The chicks will think you are weird and you'll end up wasting 25 bucks each at Red Lobster.  Check out this classic clip from Seinfeld, where Mickey sums it up perfectly: "We're double dating tonight.  If we wear the same shirt, we'll look like idiots."

Obviously, matching only leads to tension and fighting.  Don't be a matching dude.

Learn more about the follies of matching on a date, after the jump.

Little matching dudes are back in action

Stumbled upon these fellas while watching Desperate Housewives. Why was I watching Desperate Housewives? Because Real Housewives of Orange County is on at 12:30 and its 1:45. Why do I watch Real Housewives of Orange County? Because its stocked full of attractive older women. Duh.

Dudes sharing umbrellas

It's a rainy day here in South Bend. While walking to class I spotted two dudes sharing an umbrella. Unacceptable. I wouldn't be caught dead sharing an unmbrella with another dude, especially if I matched him. It's basically like crossing swords.

Three dudes, 1 umbrella? Nothing like bumpin' and grindin' with your buds to keep out of mother nature's way.
These guys get the jidst of it. It's like holding hands with your brother - if you have to do it, you're gonna half-ass it. Mark Zuckerberg (curly haired doof in the white) is doing the ol' lean in to mooch off this guy.

Personally, I don't think guys should be allowed to use umbrellas, let alone share them. Grow a pair and tough it out fellas.

Act of contrition

I have an apology to make.  I just left Corby's a tad early, and one of the bartenders was wearing my same shirt.  He had a solid 6 inches and 45 pounds on me, so it was probably a different size, but nonetheless we were matching dudes.  Regrettably, I did not make the effort to get a picture with him; I thought it would be awkward.  My bad.  Here's some weird Best Buy employees storming a parking lot to make up for it.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Another Piece of the Puzzle

I've been trying to track this commercial down since I first saw it during an episode of Parking Wars, but apparently people just don't post Healthy Choice ads on YouTube anymore.  Earlier today we revisited the question of whether or not girls mind matching each other, and this video indicates they do, at least if the match occurs with someone from a previous generation.  The key quote: "Hi honey, I'm mortified because my mom is dressed just like me."  Check it out.

People Magazine addresses the matching epidemic in celebrity women

We've spent a lot of time at matchingdudes discussing our main subject matter, dudes who are matching.  We spend considerably less time pondering female fashion, so we still have not answered the age-old question: what happens to girls when they match?  Well, at least for female stars, People magazine has provided the answer: they get judged by thousands of people on the internet.  A tipster, who clearly spends too much time in line at the grocery store, recently informed us that the publication's website posts side-by-side photos of two famous chicks wearing the same outfit and allows readers to vote on "who wears it better."  Typical matching girls - half of the ladies aren't even matching.  Why do they think they are?  Check out some sample pics below, or go direct to the source to learn about the fierce competition that celeb matching promotes.

Matching, check.
Definitely not matching.

Matching dudes enjoy some relaxation

The matching dude on the left looks unhappy.  As he should.  His pal has buried his face in shame to avoid the camera.  Good. When you realize that you're stuck with the same shirt, you can't run, you can't hide, you can only match.  And it's embarrassing. 

Friday, April 22, 2011

More elderly matching dudes

You may have noticed that matching dudes are not only a problem in the younger generation.  I count four matching old folk in this picture, one lady to three men.  Second from the left might be eating his own hand.  Heed this warning, matching dudes: as you enter your twilight years, there will not be many chicks willing to stick around if you insist on wearing the same stuff as your pals.  It doesn't help if none of you has a full head of hair.
Yes, I am mocking their lack of girls as I make a post on Friday night

Crouching Tiger, Sleepy Panda

While asians sleeping on stairs
have made their appearance on matchingdudes, here is something similar. This is a mini-montage of an asian asleep in various places wearing the same clothes. Let's take a look:

1) Grey tee
2) Glasses
3) Sleeping on futon
1) Grey tee
2) Glasses
3) He upgraded to a couch with a blanket

1) Different Grey tee
2) Glasses
2) Futon
4) Empty bottle of apple juice

Could this be a new type of matching dude?

Here at matchingdudes, we like funny. If you don't think this is funny, then we don't like you. Your time is probably better spent laughing at "Texts From Last Night" while watching Parental Control on MTV.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Butch Cassidy and the Matching Dude

I'm sick and tired of all these dudes trying to pass themselves off as matching when they are not.  QUIT SMILING!  I'll admit, this one here almost fooled me.  Then I remembered I didn't have a social life and made a short video picking apart the ways in which the dudes are not matching.  Any single ladies, I don't have plans tomorrow night.  Unless I decide to make another video.

Ed. note: No, I don't know why the video lasts for five minutes or why the sweet music takes twenty seconds to start playing.

Matching dudes on the move

Are they moving quickly to escape the rain or avoid to humiliation? You be the judge.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Matching dudes!

Check out these matching dudes

Matching senior citizens step up to the plate

This is awesome. Our lucky photographer has quite the ability to take close up pictures of people while they eat without them noticing, and he spied these old dudes wearing matching jackets, hats, pants, and Polynesian sauce stains. I wouldn't be surprised if these ol' boys were sporting matching hearing aids as well. Shouldn't senior citizens have accumulated enough life experiences to avoid matching their pals? No wonder they could only find one lady to accompany the two of them to Chicken Fil-A, some place in the mall. Unforgivable.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Matching dudes accessorize

Matching dudes with matching accessories? Sheesh. 
This isn't the first time we've featured this pair on the site, and they always go all out with the matching.  Here, they're the pizza delivery guys who show up at your doorstep, ask to use your bathroom, hit on your girlfriend, then try to convert you to Scientology.  Those water bottles?  Probably filled with "Kool-Aid," but I wouldn't drink it if I were you.  Aren't they holding those pizza boxes a little low?  Take a look inside...

Monkey Monday!

It's a little known fact that monkeys, just like dudes, often match each other.  Since it's Monday, and alliteration is fun, I wanted to take a minute to honor these cool cats, who are in fact monkeys.

I'd be proud to have evolved from these dudes.  Unlike when people match each other, it's pretty sweet that these guys are wearing the same stuff. It's sweet that they're smart enough to wear clothing at all, and rocking those shades just turns it up a notch.  Respect.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Questionably Appletini Matching Dudes

First of all, who's taking this photo? Not only do these twigs have on matching boxers, they are flexing for the photo. Looks like someone used to be a fan of matching. One more thing, nice frosted tips. Nothing needs to be said about the dude on the left, just look at him.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


It's Sunday Afternoon: The girls are out of the house. Iced cold brews are plentiful. Every brand of chip, dip, and nut has been accounted for. The steaks are marinating in the fridge. Everything is perfect until one of your boys shows up to your crib...matching you.

Not so fast my friends, this is acceptable match. While you might think to yourself that the two phrases, "matching another dude and acceptable" are erroneous together, you're wrong because this is THE single exception.

Why you ask? Because they are wearing jerseys. NFL jerseys. BEARS jerseys. This is America. Nothing says America like sundays, football, and beer. High fives, fistpumps and shot-gunning are non-negotiables. So it's okay. Just ask Ditka.

How are ya bob?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Six dudes...but only three outfits

Oh my.  I've never seen anything quite this bad.  It's like the Brady Bunch meets Haddaway and Ricky Martin.  Everyone knows that the only thing worse than one pair of matching dudes is a group of them, and the only thing worse than that is...three pairs of dudes matching each other.  Even though they're clothed like they just hit the clearance rack at Gymboree, these guys are smiling and posing like they're in a Calvin Klein underwear ad.  I hope that's not what took place next, matching dudes.  Get it together.

Monday, April 11, 2011

6 dudes 1 outfit

Where do I start?

The only thing that excites these six more than matching outfits is their friday morning ritual of mochas and manicures. It's nice to see that Will Ferrell's gay twin brother made it out (lower left). Although these 5"4' little guys might not fare well on the basketball court, they can go home with a smile knowing they have extra room to wiggle in their tanning beds. If there is anything that makes the Backstreet Boys look like gangster rap, it's six dudes in matching argyle sweater vests. Nice try, matching dudes.

While I could go on forever, let's get some comments from our viewers and see what you guys think.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pro wrestling gets a dose of matching dudes

Check the smiles on these doofuses. It's O.K. though because despite the match they still have fans.

"It's still real to me damnit"

Let's show these matching dudes around

It looks like this pack of uniformed dudes has formed a flying V and is about to storm the gates of the neighboring croquet team's school.  They are even pushing the poor girl in the black off to the side as they quest for their enemies.

Find out who they really are, after the jump.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

These guys are angry

One of our goals in creating this site was to show dudes just how stupid they look when matching their friends.  For a while, we were failing miserably: not only were people smiling in their matching dude pictures, sometimes they were matching ON PURPOSE.  Finally, Scoops showed you last week an example of a dude who was infuriated by his friend wearing the same shirt.  Sadly, the friend was sporting a satisfied smirk.  It looks like we're starting to get through to our viewers, though.  Check out this pic:
These guys are so mad that they're matching, from hairdos to beverages, that one is making an obscene gesture to the photographer just for documenting their misfortune.  Matching dudes, this one's all on you.  Did you really think that designer jeans and a black tee would be a fresh look outside Club LaVela?  And to the man or woman behind the camera, thank you recognizing tomfoolery and letting us show them up on the World Wide Web.


Bowser [bou-zer] n.

A person who matches their dog.

I feel bad for that bowser over there, someone should get him a chew toy.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Head to the country club with these matching dudes

The guy on the left is definitely asian. Where is the hamburglar?

The Flamingo Flock

So if you're Clark Kent, dudes try to match your style. Clark obviously has 20/20 vision, his only flaw is wearing pink. Kids who can't get girls but think that they have game always wear pink a la guidos and preppy whiteboys. These dudes, including Steven Tyler in the middle, are all virgins, especially the guy in the blue tie who wants to stand out but simply reeks of embarrassment and onions.

O look these drunk matching dudes took another pic after a few Mike's Hards. Does the guy on the right even realize he's matching?

Monday, April 4, 2011

March Matchingness

Matching clothes is one thing, but the hairstyle match, now that's a whole new level of embarrassment. The hairstyle match normally flies under the radar unless the hairdo really stands out. This match normally occurs in the case of gingers or, as we see here, if you rock a goon-indicating, doofy puff on your head. Matt Howard is actually good at something in life and that's the only noticeable difference between these dudes. Someone should do Jack Lee a favor and shave his oversized dome. O and nice smile, who let you leave the house without a helmet?

Butler 63 UConn 61 F...I just don't want Butler to match their tournament fate of 2010.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Matching dudes need to register for "list" before moving to new neighborhood

Does this locale look familiar?  You may have been there when you were five, it's the Toddler Zone at Chuck E. Cheese.  Hint: these dudes are not toddlers.  All they need is some creepy mustaches and they'd get put away for five years.
Recognize the dude on the left?  The lighting's a tad different, but we was wearing the exact same shirt, and standing on the left, in the pic above.  Only difference: completely different night, completely different place.  Doesn't he ever change his shirt?  And how does he find so many dudes wearing the same one?

Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Infamous Polo Match

So its every college-age white boy's nightmare. You try to have a casual night out at the bar in a fresh new polo tee and some other dudes are thinking the same thing...o shit you catch yourself matching. The dude on the right is clearly loving the match and should be proded in the butt with a fork for his enthusiasm. The dude in the middle is sweating the situation, drinking a bud light lime, and needs to use one of his clearasil wipes asap. My man on the left, quit faking the smile and lose your tee. A white undershirt is always better than matching.

Time to spice it up

I was brainstorming earlier today and I came up with this:

Rest your eyes upon these matching dudes

1) They're matching.
2) They're singing.
3) That's embarrasing.

What tune do you think they are singing? "Somewhere over the rainbow" perhaps?