Thursday, April 7, 2011

Let's show these matching dudes around

It looks like this pack of uniformed dudes has formed a flying V and is about to storm the gates of the neighboring croquet team's school.  They are even pushing the poor girl in the black off to the side as they quest for their enemies.

Find out who they really are, after the jump.

In reality, the apparent victim is actually a tour guide walking backwards as she leads a group of high school students on a tour of campus.  I don't know why they all wore they same outfit for their first college experience, but as soon as I saw it, I knew we needed a snapshot.  Unfortunately, getting a cell phone picture of a group of people you don't know as your groups walk in opposite directions is much harder than it looks.  For this purpose, I pretended to type a text message as we approached and, right when we reached the perfect difference, I pretended to show my friend Greg a message I had just received from a female admirer.

Me "Dude, look at what she just sent me."
Greg "Lolz.  What?"
Me "She said she misses me.  A lot."

Probably not the most exciting choice for a fake text convo, but it got the job done.  Although those kids will probably all choose a different school because they think ND dudes are weird.  Which I am.

Still, spring is one of the best times of the year because it dramatically increases the number of campus tours, which I like for two reasons.

1.  Opportunities to mess with confused parents and kids
2.  Indicates the prospects for next year's freshmen girls.  So far, I'm not optimistic.

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Jack said...

jack lee, saying you are weird is a bit of an understatement.