Wednesday, April 6, 2011

These guys are angry

One of our goals in creating this site was to show dudes just how stupid they look when matching their friends.  For a while, we were failing miserably: not only were people smiling in their matching dude pictures, sometimes they were matching ON PURPOSE.  Finally, Scoops showed you last week an example of a dude who was infuriated by his friend wearing the same shirt.  Sadly, the friend was sporting a satisfied smirk.  It looks like we're starting to get through to our viewers, though.  Check out this pic:
These guys are so mad that they're matching, from hairdos to beverages, that one is making an obscene gesture to the photographer just for documenting their misfortune.  Matching dudes, this one's all on you.  Did you really think that designer jeans and a black tee would be a fresh look outside Club LaVela?  And to the man or woman behind the camera, thank you recognizing tomfoolery and letting us show them up on the World Wide Web.

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