Thursday, April 14, 2011


It's Sunday Afternoon: The girls are out of the house. Iced cold brews are plentiful. Every brand of chip, dip, and nut has been accounted for. The steaks are marinating in the fridge. Everything is perfect until one of your boys shows up to your crib...matching you.

Not so fast my friends, this is acceptable match. While you might think to yourself that the two phrases, "matching another dude and acceptable" are erroneous together, you're wrong because this is THE single exception.

Why you ask? Because they are wearing jerseys. NFL jerseys. BEARS jerseys. This is America. Nothing says America like sundays, football, and beer. High fives, fistpumps and shot-gunning are non-negotiables. So it's okay. Just ask Ditka.

How are ya bob?

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