Tuesday, April 26, 2011

People Magazine addresses the matching epidemic in celebrity women

We've spent a lot of time at matchingdudes discussing our main subject matter, dudes who are matching.  We spend considerably less time pondering female fashion, so we still have not answered the age-old question: what happens to girls when they match?  Well, at least for female stars, People magazine has provided the answer: they get judged by thousands of people on the internet.  A tipster, who clearly spends too much time in line at the grocery store, recently informed us that the publication's website posts side-by-side photos of two famous chicks wearing the same outfit and allows readers to vote on "who wears it better."  Typical matching girls - half of the ladies aren't even matching.  Why do they think they are?  Check out some sample pics below, or go direct to the source to learn about the fierce competition that celeb matching promotes.

Matching, check.
Definitely not matching.

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