Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Double dating

There are many times when you don't want to be caught wearing the same shirt as your bro, and a double date is definitely one of those times.  The chicks will think you are weird and you'll end up wasting 25 bucks each at Red Lobster.  Check out this classic clip from Seinfeld, where Mickey sums it up perfectly: "We're double dating tonight.  If we wear the same shirt, we'll look like idiots."

Obviously, matching only leads to tension and fighting.  Don't be a matching dude.

Learn more about the follies of matching on a date, after the jump.

When your buddy asks you to join him for a night out with two broads, it is your duty to be a good wingman.  You should be nice enough to keep your date occupied, but not so charming that your pal's date becomes interested in you.  Always be willing to fall on the grenade.  Most importantly, don't wear the same shirt as your friend.  Recall this excellent Coors Light ad from 2003, and take note: Leadman, stripes.  Wingman, solids.  No chance of a match.  The wingman has his back.

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