Saturday, May 7, 2011

Progression of a party

Formals are prime spots for matching dudes because the dress code really restricts your options.  Matching takes various forms and evolves as the night goes on.

 9:47 PM.  Two girls show up to the pregame in the same dress.  They are friends, and clearly thought it just be so "precious."  They are obviously proud of their "accomplishment."

10:20 PM.  Two dudes realize they are matching.  They are embarrassed, but still politely smile for the camera.  Angry that their thunder has been stolen, the matching girls insinuate themselves into the photograph.
10:22 PM.  The matching dudes relent and let the matching girls into the frame.  Isn't it funny that these chicks probably spent weeks picking out the perfect matching outfits, and the dudes are still almost equally as matching, completely by accident?  I guess this is the only good thing about matching: when it happens, you have a pretty easy in with the ladies.  "Hey, whadda you know, my bro and I are matching, you and your friend are matching, we should, like, totally get pizza or, uh, hang out sometime...or whatever."

10:23 PM-3:02 AM.  We have no photographic evidence of this period of time.

3:03 AM.  Two dudes, who are not matching, pass out in matching poses.  Everyone else feels uncomfortable.

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