Sunday, May 15, 2011

Is The Lonely Island part of a massive matching dudes conspiracy?

I don't like secret plots.  Dan Brown books freak me out, the Freemasons scare me, and I couldn't sleep for two days after I watched Loose Change.  Sadly, I think I just discovered a new one: there is a treacherous confederacy of matching dudes seeking to change the world, and like Scientology, they're winning celebrity converts.  One of their most influential?  The Lonely Island.  Yes, the hilarious hip-hop comedy troupe behind "Jizz in my Pants" and "I'm on a Boat" is scheming against freedom and individuality everywhere.  They're not subtle either; in almost every photo shoot, they wear the same stuff.  Weird.
Check out more photographic evidence, and some videos, after the jump.  It's frightening stuff.
Turtleneck & Chain album cover

Creeping around with Nicki Minaj, all wearing grey suits

Two pics from a March 2011 spread in Filter Magazine
Matching again in Rolling Stone
Some cultish photos from the band's website
They've got T-Pain, too.  Matching multiple times in the "I'm on a Boat" vid.

This may go deeper than we realize.  Heeb magazine alludes to Beethoven.  Was he part of it too?

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