Monday, June 13, 2011

Time to fall off the bandwagon

A while ago, we posted a feature on the best classic NBA jerseys.  I was going to keep the series going, like by examining the worst jerseys of the past decade, but then I got drunk and forgot.  Had I remained sober and allowed the creative juices to flow uninhibited, this uniform would have topped the list:
It's not that the Heat jersey is horrifically ugly or poorly fitted, but since Bosh and James joined the party it's come to symbolize all that's wrong with professional sports these days-greed, selfishness, backroom collaboration, slutty moms-wait, I like those.  Anyways, congrats to the Mavs for helping LeBron prove that he'll never be greater than Jordan.  Maybe Rashard Lewis did bang his girl.  Hopefully Dirk will too.

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