Sunday, June 12, 2011

Four score and seven matches ago

One of our readers is a closet art connoisseur and sent us this photo of a painting he saw at a gallery.  Of course, he was at the Rijksmuseum, which is located in Amsterdam, so he may have been "appreciating" the colors and contrasts a little more than most.  His state of mind may also explain why he glossed over the common museum rule prohibiting photographs.  Thanks bud, we're probably committing some huge copyright infringement just posting this.  Totally worth the lawsuit, though-I love how Verne Troyer on the right is brandishing his cane aggressively at Alien Lady for forcing him and Old School Danny McBride to sport matching duds in the family portrait.  Why doesn't she have to wear an ugly brown frock?  I don't know, but Mini Me looks like he's about to make that bitch pay.

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