Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Matching dudes sniped from distance

The ol' driveby. This is how Jack Lee and I founded the masterpiece that is matchingdudes.com. Let me take you on a little history lesson of our founding fathers:

After a rather long night 'out on the town,' (which involved numerous high-fives and shoo-ing away flocks of women) Jack Lee and I cruised the streets of D.C. As we approached a pack of 5 dudes wearing matching red-striped polos, we yelled out at them 'matching dudes!' which obviously ruined their day and probably led to an early afternoon wardrobe change. And thats how it all began ladies and gents.

But the driveby is the perfect opportunity to yell out your window and heckle some matching dudes. Whenever somebody takes the time to yell out their car window at you, you probably really suck. Like these guys. Tisk, tisk, matching dudes.

Monday, August 15, 2011

8 dudes 1 booth

First off, Fisher sucks. Can somebody tell these guys that wearing matching green polos and khakis to the bar isn't going to get them any ladies? Now I know what RA's do for fun. Wild times. Props to my girl KK for catching these guys red handed.

Mini golf matching dudes

It's wednesday night in Mishawaka. Where was I? At a Putt-Putt tournament of course. Why? Because I am awesome. Clearly the coolest kid there. But hey, anybody would look good next to a bunch of doofs in NASCAR tees and jean shorts.

After I sank my hole- in-one at the 18th (obviously), I was presented with these winners.

1) They are wearing jean shorts
2) They are matching
3) They are at a wednesday night Putt-Putt tournament.

Almost as embarrassing as Brett Farve's genitalia.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ol Greg spread

ol' greg in action. just look at the athleticism

ol' greg enjoying some coke

last, but not least, ol' greg staring into the eyes of a grown man while sucking his thumb.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Ol' Greg diss track

A few of you may know our pal Ol' Greg.  Greggy recently announced publicly that he was sick of us not releasing new material.  True, the posts have been few and far between, but Scoops, Bum Fluff and me haven't had the hours of schooltime studying that allow the unique creativity only procrastination can produce. (Actually, I think Scoops has had a micromolecular physiology class or something, but he spends his downtime sunbathing and researching "two dad" families.)  Pretty sure this photo is a repost, but we can't allow this cat to talk smack on the site without retaliation.  So, folks, take a peek at the second "man" from the right.  And check out these matching jorts dudes.
I'm sorry it came to this.