Monday, August 1, 2011

Ol' Greg diss track

A few of you may know our pal Ol' Greg.  Greggy recently announced publicly that he was sick of us not releasing new material.  True, the posts have been few and far between, but Scoops, Bum Fluff and me haven't had the hours of schooltime studying that allow the unique creativity only procrastination can produce. (Actually, I think Scoops has had a micromolecular physiology class or something, but he spends his downtime sunbathing and researching "two dad" families.)  Pretty sure this photo is a repost, but we can't allow this cat to talk smack on the site without retaliation.  So, folks, take a peek at the second "man" from the right.  And check out these matching jorts dudes.
I'm sorry it came to this.

1 comment:

^john said...

you're BACK!!!!
keep em comin boyzzzz ;)