Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Matching dudes sniped from distance

The ol' driveby. This is how Jack Lee and I founded the masterpiece that is matchingdudes.com. Let me take you on a little history lesson of our founding fathers:

After a rather long night 'out on the town,' (which involved numerous high-fives and shoo-ing away flocks of women) Jack Lee and I cruised the streets of D.C. As we approached a pack of 5 dudes wearing matching red-striped polos, we yelled out at them 'matching dudes!' which obviously ruined their day and probably led to an early afternoon wardrobe change. And thats how it all began ladies and gents.

But the driveby is the perfect opportunity to yell out your window and heckle some matching dudes. Whenever somebody takes the time to yell out their car window at you, you probably really suck. Like these guys. Tisk, tisk, matching dudes.


Slice up your life said...

i want more matching duudessss! gimme more!

DUDE said...